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    Confused Ice-O-Matic M:ICEU150HA3

    Hi all, I'm working on a ice-o-matic ice maker. The unit had water continuously trickling down the drain line. I found the float trickling water into the water trough full time. I replaced the float and the continuous leak has stopped. Now when the ice is harvested from the evaporator a bunch of water is forced back into the ice holding area.
    Could this be attributed to a plugged tee after the purge valve?

    In the parts manual it shows a water regulating valve down at the bottom of the unit, what is the purpose of this because my unit is air cooled and water comes into the unit at the top behind the pump. I'm a bit confused, could it be for a different model of unit also covered by the same manual? Thanks for the Help

    I would link the manual from partstown but I don't have enough posting history.


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    The closest I can find of your model on Partstown is this manual:

    That manual also alludes to machines having a water condenser. Usually a ice machine manual will cover a model SERIES of machines - to include the various sizes of machines as well as the different refrigeration system arrangements that the model series included in their designs. With yours being air cooled (the "A" in your model), then you won't have a water regulating valve.

    If I was you, I'd be tearing into the drain setup to see if a slug-like formation of organic growth (which I call "SNOT") has plugged it up.
    This might be a great time to do a THOROUGH cleaning (deliming & sanitizing) of the machine and ice bin...which is HIGHLY recommended every six months (minimum). The more frequent, the better.
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    It's plumbed incorrectly
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