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    Trend Tonn to TOPS Issues

    Hi there,

    I have attended a site where there is some Delta ability FCU’s integrated via multiple Trend TONNs and displayed on a 963 TOPS supervisor. I have had to correct and alter a few points within the TONN, does anyone know if its possible to just rediscover a few points within the TOPS rather than relearning the whole Tonn again. The TOPS is Version 2.2 AV verision 3.8, I was expecting to see a discover button or match under the TOPS Lan however the ‘add’ or ‘add new device’ is greyed out and only button is ‘relearn sensor points’ which didn’t do anything.

    Thanks in advance


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    Should be a "re-learn device contents" button at the bottom of the window after you select the lan that this jace is in.

    TOPs has to be the worst software product they came out with, so mileage will vary.
    Propagating the formula.

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