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    Apparently they've designed a material that emits heat at a specific wavelength that is capable of rejecting heat past the earths atmosphere into space. It wasn't highly effective as it could lower water temperature by 6f over 3 days or something, but it's quite new. The company name is SkyCool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spitz View Post
    I take care of a Intellapak it has 3 scrolls 1 is ran on A VFD. The problem manufactures have with running compressors on drives is oil.
    Especially trane, with that delicate flower of a scroll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timebuilder View Post
    I'm not sure who told you that, but I have many units only three years old with that technology, and I am still seeing it in new units. The VFD drive for compressors is not cost effective in lower tonnage applications, but being able to control scroll output is very effective, indeed.
    Actually, I was told this by one of the manufacturers of compressors that are suppliers to some of the companies listed earlier in this thread. I was involved with the early stages of the redesign of compressorized product a couple of years ago, and we held meetings with the usual North American compressor companies. We asked about using digital scroll, and they told us it was not recommended now that they had variable speed products available.

    To be clear, when I said that you would not see them on anything new, I meant that you will not see manufacturers unveiling completely new designs that employ digital compressors. I have no doubt that digital compressors will continue to be used on legacy designs until they are retired, which could be for many years yet.

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