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    My Math on Solar?

    Okay; we had someone come by trying to sell us Solar. First thing is it's a twenty year contract and I don't believe the panels will last that long. I did the math. We use 19,857 Kw a year. The difference in solar and utility is 1 cent. That works out to $198.57 a year in savings if I have an average of net zero for the year. I have to pay a flat Yearly Facilities Charge of $114.00 and a flat Yearly Electric Universal Service Charge of $4.32. That brings my savings down to $80.25. Do you see anything wrong with my reasoning on this point.

    Also my Average Daily usage is 54,040 watts, about how many panels would I have to have to just meet my average usage with 4.92 Average Sun Hours per day.

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    Lower your expectations.

    If you don't look at net zero and think more about less than 50% usage with no buy back from the utility. In other words you use everything you generate. I would think that would eliminate your fees, bonus 1, then cut up front costs, bonus 2, and you lower your utilities, bonus 3.

    I am looking at a project that PV will cover my lighting at night and maybe some during the day, and thermal to take care of about 25-33% of my heating with the added benefit of preheating hot water in the summer (it will probably do all the domestic water in the summer). I haven't got all the costs back but looking for a 10 year payback.

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    I thought this thread was about a solar calculator..

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