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    Horizontal ground loop question

    Say a trench was dug to about 8 feet or so and has rock in the bottom of trench. Does the rock help or hurt the transfer of heat once everything is back Filled?

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    Should have a bed of filler. Rock holds heat. This should be fine.

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    Rock is more conductive than sand..

    Just ensure that the backfill does not press tube into a sharp rock and ruin your day.

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    Juan is correct that the rock has better retention properties than sand.

    Check the safety regulations on working in an 8' trench. As I understand it, the requirement is that walls must be reinforced on anything deeper than 5'. It's a hassle but being fined by OSHA is a bigger hassle. And getting buried in a trench can ruin your day.

    There's nothing wrong with horizontal loops but vertical loops have a far greater average depth which yields more capacity.
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    Rock is more conductive than dry sand and is less conductive than wet sand.

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