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    AnyOne, myself included, may expect their car to last nearly 21 years.
    [ Very realistic for anyone driving their car < 8,000 miles / year &
    adhering to good maintenance practices.]

    However, there may be several hours or days it may be out-of-service
    due to normal [ oil change, tires, air filter, spark plugs, low tire pressure, … ]
    or unanticipated maintenance [ circuit boards, relay, dent repair, etc, ] along the way.
    My BACK-UP SOURCE is Either my bicycle Or
    neighbor's assistance because I 'paid-it-forward'
    depending on thee weather.

    Similarly, one should expect
    heat pump or A/C condenser START & RUN capacitors WILL require a replacement in 2 to 6 years.
    I don't know if repairs turn out to be a Scheduled or an unanticipated event.
    Therefore, a ~100 dollar small back-up electric strip will provide 'automatic' interim
    [ 1 hour or 3 days (event happens Friday at 6 pm) ] heating.

    Also, One may expect to address a Furnace Heat Exchanger issue in < 21 years.

    I would opt for a heat pump with an operating cost savings of
    > $30,000 in comparison to a propane furnace
    over the next 2 decades.
    Designer Dan
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    Define the Building Envelope and Perform a Detailed Load Calc: It's ALL About Windows and Make-up Air Requirements. Know Your Equipment Capabilities

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ternkiem View Post
    It’s brand new!
    I don’t expect it to fail.
    If I did then I wouldn’t have it put in!
    We removed the wood stove long ago because of the propane furnace (which has been our sole heat source for 21 years).
    I fully expect the heat pump to last at least that long without failure.

    If you, as a professional, feel this is unrealistic please...tell me now so I can cancel the install and just replace the furnace!!!!
    A Heat Pump has quite a few more parts to fail than a standard 80% furnace. The furnace sits indoors away from the elements unlike a HP. What about defrost, as while your in defrost your in A/C mode for a few minutes. Your supply air temperature can easily drop into the 40's without a strip of electric heat to help temper the discharge air temperature. I seriously doubt you'll never have a lick of problems for 20+ years. Parts alone are made cheaply nowadays. They don't have the longevity as the old days, plus more functioning parts in a HP than a standard no frill furnace.

    You'll potentially have rodents living in the outdoor unit, urinating/feces dropping, eating wires, OD unit exposed to your weather. Potential leaking coils. A furnace only runs to heat, all the other months it sits idle away from the elements, whereas the much more complicated more parts HP runs much more, for wear and tear as it heats and cools. Can't compare the longevity of the two.

    There's a lot of things going on during defrost alone. Instant reversal of refrigerant flow direction, reversing valve energizing/deenergizing. Outdoor fan shut off then come on. Sensors working to monitor frost accumulation, feeding to a mother board.

    If you really want a HP strongly suggest a back up electric heat package sized closely to handle total load of residence when HP failure. Break up the heater package so only a part of it is used during defrost.

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