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    Need engineering data on York Chiller

    At my workplace a new building is being built and all the mechanical equipment has been spec'd. In the chiller plant plans the capacity for the chilled water pumps looks suspiciously low (300 gpm for 200 ton chillers). The engineer provided engineering data including high and low chilled water flows for the chillers but I want to confirm this with specs directly from York. Unfortunately in the literature for this model of chiller, the nomenclature doesn't include some of the option codes within the specified chillers' model numbers.
    I have emailed York for some kind of data sheet but haven't gotten a response... where else should I look for this kind of information?
    The specified chillers are York YVWAODDCGXJF0200A.

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    As a rule of thumb you look for 2 to 2.4 gpm per ton at the evap.

    Around 3 gpm per ton on the condensor.

    Regardless of the option it's just a standard.

    I did not found your evaporator code in the manual and cannot tell you the minimum flow.
    But with the help of Google you might be able to find it

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    depending on your evaporator code, gpm can range from a minimum of 150 to a max of 960.

    these are falling film evaporators. the unit won't receive a factory startup without waterflow being within spec.

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    300 GPM for a 200-ton chiller is a typical flow in new designs. It yields a design temperature rise of 16 degrees F. The days of 2.4 GPM (10 degrees rise) are passing, though there are still a lot of designers out there who use these values.

    Actually, ASHRAE 90.1-2016 requires a 15 degree rise and minimum coil leaving water temperature of 57 degrees. Chilled-Water Coil Selection

    Chilled-water cooling coils shall be selected to provide a 15°F or higher temperature difference
    between leaving and entering water temperatures and a minimum of 57°F leaving
    water temperature at design conditions.
    Exceptions to
    1. Chilled-water cooling coils that have an air-side pressure drop exceeding 0.70 in. of water
    when rated at 500 fpm face velocity and dry conditions (no condensation).
    2. Individual fan-cooling units with a design supply airflow rate 5000 cfm and less.
    3. Constant-air-volume systems.
    4. Coils selected at the maximum temperature difference allowed by the chiller.
    5. Passive coils (no mechanically supplied airflow).
    6. Coils with design entering chilled-water temperatures of 50°F and higher.
    7. Coils with design entering air dry-bulb temperatures of 65°F and lower.

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