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    Heat pump heat exchanger strange behavior

    Hello everyone.

    Today I became a witness to a strange situation. I went to a friend who was playing with an air to water heat pump. It uses a pipe heat exchanger to warm water for home heating.

    According to the meters (and they are properly working) the system produces enough pressure on the high side (about 20 bar), current consumption of about 1 kW (as per specs).

    Water inlet temperautre (Celsius) - 17,
    Water outlet temperature (C) - 38
    Refrigerant input temperature (C) - 45
    Refrigerant output temperature (C) - 9.

    So the question is how is it possible that the refrigerant output temperature is lower than water inlet temperature? Since this is the condenser we were thinking that for some reason the refrigerant starts to evaporate inside the heat exchanger.

    If you have figured out this effect before give me some directions what it is, where I can obtain more information, etc.


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    Those numbers do not add up.

    Check the temper probes in well mixed ice water

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