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    I experienced something similar. It was supply fan not running at its full speed. Changed out supply fan and problem solved.

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    It turned out to be a temperature sensor was switch by a electrician and put onto the wrong circuit . Once I switched it back I had no problems . I did remove the entire charge 153 lbs and it is suppose to be per the name plate 120lbs . Recharged to the correct amount and it was still freezing up but I did finally find the problem like I said. Thank you for all the help.

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    What does the temperature sensor control? DAT? Does all your compressors and condensers still run full throttle once you made the correction even if it’s cool OD temperatures and space temperature(s) are close to set point? Each VAV has their own stat? If so are they calibrated? Did you verify the VAV are throttling and dumping back to the return once close to set point if that’s how yours is hooked up with the dedicated stat ( if you have dedicated stats for each VAV? )

    This is the 2nd circuit that you recovered, as you stated in one of your original post that you recovered and weight in correct charge of a different circuit. Sounds like the system was a mess before, as you stated a freezestat was hooked to another circuit, plus two circuits recovered and now this temperature sensor.

    To me if all compressors and condenser fans are running full throttle when some space temperatures are satisfied and others are close to set point you still have issues.

    Congratulations on the dedication of fixing this system.

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