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    Boiling up a birthday present

    My better half is Asian. Chinese to be exact. Third generation. So she's about American as it gets. Anyway, in the beginning, some of her immediate family didn't like me because I was/am a blue collar worker.

    But near the beginning of our relationship, the Grandma saw me picking up single grains of rice off of the plate with chop sticks, while waiting for the next course in a ten course meal, and gave me the family approval. I didn't understand the significance at the time, but I learned later. It used to be that Elders would sway the direction of the family.

    But I digress.

    These past few years, I've been given a duck carcass here and there. These are Peking Duck Carcasses. Totally awesome flavor. It's an honor to receive one of these duck carcasses. If you do not know the flavor of a duck prepared Peking style, try it, it is awesome.

    The carcasses are given to the elders by the restaurants. At no charge. Just need to know what to ask for. And most high end restaurants are select on how they hand them out.

    I received two last birthday. Boiling them up right now. Gonna have some yummy soup for dinner. Along with some other yummy stuff. And lots of left over soup to be frozen.

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    If you were a real tech, you'd solder a relay on that board and call it good to go.

    I do a triple evac with nitro to remove non condensables.

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    Ok. I'm jealous!

    Been to Chinatown in SF & know the smells and tast of duck.

    I agree, yummy.
    Can someone please explain to me -
    Why is there never enough time to do it right the first time, but plenty of time to do it twice?

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    I like Vietnamese Pho soup and their food in general myself.

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