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    Recommend a Pellet Insert.

    I'm looking into a Pellet Stove insert for a masonry Fireplace, the fireplace has had very little use, and is in very good condition. I want something I can hook a battery to, for power losses. Also do the make an insert that can be used with wood also? So what can you recommend? One of the guys at work put a Pellet stove in and it ate pellets. He called the factory several times, for help with the adjustment, with little cooperation. When he tried to return it with a threat to take them to court, they changed their tune. I like to avoid that situation. Also my house is very titely sealed. I' m getting ready to install a 10" intake vent though, but I'd like the insert to pull down through the chimney.
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    I highly doubt you'll find a combo wood/pellet insert. They're different-fired technologies.

    I used a Drolet Eco-65 in my house for many years and it was very economical. Drolet makes very few inserts, all are wood.

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    I've never seen a wood/pellet insert so pick a team! I've got a Heatilator CAB50 and it heats my whole house with the propane furnace just as back up for when I forget to refill the stove or I'm too lazy to bring pellets in from the shed. If you want something for power outages go with wood or maybe a gas insert a pellet stove with the auger and blower is going to chew through batteries.

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