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    Knife Shaft Hobart 2912 Meat Slicer


    I am attempting to remove the knife shaft from my Hobart 2912 model.

    Instructions say to tap the shaft upward enough to remove the pulley after removing the retainer from the base. Then remove the retainer and bearing. Then the shaft.

    For some reasons, the shaft does not move up when I tapped, therefore I can't remove the pulley. I can wiggle the unit.

    There is rust at the end of the shaft that is tided to the knife. The rust is formed from the water that was used to clean the slicer. It leaked inside.

    I'm afraid of hitting it hard and bending it. I will apply some wd40 to the rust.

    Any suggestion on how to remove the shaft?

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    Yes. Use a hydraulic press.

    If you don't have one, then use a heavy duty vice as a rest for the pulley hub. Then use a large hammer to tap the shaft through with a large brass punch.

    This is pretty basic stuff. If you don't feel comfortable doing it, then call for Hobart service.
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    Hey if Its a 2912-c there are two Allens to remove one on Bearing Bridge and other under Sharpening Assy.
    Remove ,Knife, Pulley, Belt, Set screws (2) then Use a Block of wood and Beat out Knife end .. Ive done many of these

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