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    I can tell you that I would have someone independent and trusted there for hands-on observation when JCI pulls the heads. <g>


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    Our valve only operates when there’s is insuffficient flow out in the building to satisfy the differential set point at the chiller - our pump speed is based on differential far out in the building. If that flow doesn’t meet the chiller’s DP set point on our BMS the controller opens the building bypass valve to add flow to the loop until we meet the requirement at the chiller. If the flow in the building by itself is equal to or greater than what we require at the chiller nothing happens - the sequence is fine with greater than set point flow at the chiller. Our mechanic is pretty sure all the tubes were cleaned this year - we are having JCI out next week. He is suspecting that we have air in the machine and that the purge unit may not be working properly as we have apparently had problems with that a number of years back and it had to be replaced.
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    I'd keep an eye on the purge count. Disabling the turbo pump option is only a bandaid. Either the purge hasn't pumped out in a long time (bad oil pump or solenoid) or the chiller has a leak. Either way, it needs to be repaired.
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