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Thread: Trane chillers

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    Trane chillers


    I would like to take a test of the trane chiller
    I asked about how I could test gas for Chiller?

    Can I use the following data obtained from the controller to calculate subcooling or superheat:

    sat evap temp -Recognizes that the required difference is 5-8 degrees Celsius
    sat cond temp -Recognizes that the required difference is 3-7 degrees Celsius

    Why does the supplier give me these values ​​in the morning?

    I would appreciate your help

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    What kind of chiller? Is it a recip, scroll, screw or centrifugal? Do you know the design specs? Flow, temps (water and refrigerant) and load on the machine are all things needed to make a determination. Basically you need to take a full log at high load at close to design parameters.
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