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    It’s always possible. The compressor was a mechanical failure and didn’t have a burnout smell. But there is no way to know how it was installed. It was a 7 year old 1.5 ton goodman with a Panasonic compressor. Sounded like a box of rocks on startup and I found a loose TXV build attached to the bottom of the suction line. Compressor would intermittently trip the breaker on startup. Customer wanted to wait as long as possible. A couple of days later it tripped the breaker and even a hard start kit and some gentle persuasion with a hammer wouldn’t get it going.

    As an update to the original problem, I cleaned out hose with alcohol and pulled a vacuum on it all night. When I woke up it was only at 100 microns, two hours later it was at 31 and dropping so I think I got whatever it was out. I’ll find out soon.

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    In the future, keep in mind that a LEAK, once isolated from the vacuum pump, will cause a rise back to ATMOSPHERE, or pretty close. Just having difficulty pulling down can mean a lot of things (like the outgassing it seems you were fighting).

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