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    Manual and nameplate say different things

    The manual says my condenser is charged with 89 Oz and the nameplate says 64. I would weigh in 64 and then dial it in. But we're lacking airflow. Ductwork is size for 700 CFM but it's a 3-ton system.

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    Nominclature plate is right, and your just starting a path down a warranty claims nightmare if it's truly 700 cfm worth of ductwork. Gotta love poorly designed ductwork. Yep it's on the majority of everything.
    It's one of my pet peeves, if I quote a replacement, I start with the load calc, see what the home requires, then I go to the ductwork, will it carry the needed load, 95% of the jobs, nope, now my quote turned into a equipment and ductwork job.
    I lost more work than I got, but I spend lots of time polishing the turd they had put in two years later cause it didn't work right from the start.
    Always costs more in the end to do it right, so go ahead and bite the bullet and do it right the first time.

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