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    Norc humidifier W/ soft water

    Had a Nortec EL humidifier installed and have the option to supply filtered or filtered and softened water to the unit. The city water coming the unit has a conductivity of around 500 unfiltered. Is there any benefit to the water being softened to the humidifier?

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    Do you know what the water hardness is? Water hardness of greater than 180 is generally considered to be "hard" water where less than 60 is soft. My understanding of the relationship between water hardness and conductivity is the conductivity value is about double the water hardness. Therefore a conductivity value of 500 is extremly hard. If the conductivity is more than double then you may have some other water quality issues to deal with such as high Nitrate and Sulfate. Without knowing any more than what you have stated it appears water softening would be a positive thing.

    One thing I caution people about when they ask for an installed humidifier; I tell them if they are not willing to clean and inspect (or pay to have it cleaned and inspected) frequently they should NOT install one. As they become a trap for crud and bacteria which is released into the air inside their home. In my mind they can easily become a health hazard if not maintained.

    I have very hard water and in the winter months I simply use a cold steamer with filtered drinking water. The cold steamer still needs to cleaned due to build up every couple weeks

    Good Luck

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    This is just what an engineer told me way back. Soft water still has the same minerals but in a different form. At least where Ca and Mg are concerned. He said the soft water won't solidify the minerals the same and can blow into the space or ducts. Hard water forms a harder scale and while hard to remove, it stays put.

    I haven't done compare tests myself. As the tanks have a given life based on the buildup, I would probably opt for hard water BUT I would also ask Nortec.
    It would to know what you find out.
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