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    Calgary Alberta Canada Piece work HVAC installation

    I'm moving back to Calgary and looking for a position doing piece work new home HVAC installation. I have 12 years experience in the trade. Anybody on here from Calgary? or know anything of the Calgary market? I'm just wondering if anybody knows any of the good companies to work for that do piece work? I worked previously for Arpi's and Knight Heating, so I am well aware of those two and will be applying at both of them. Any other suggestions? I know there's a few other ones, do I just have to go through the phone book and call every company listed and ask them? Most of which are just companies that do service work and/or furnace installation or pay by the hour, which I am not interested in at all.


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    Gateway Mechanical was excellent to work for in Calgary, really great Service Manager Craig. I think he still works there.
    Another company is AK Brown, they exceed anywhere else as far as tech training, the pay is decent. Good Luck!

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