I've been wearing kwen footwear ever since they expanded from just .taking sandles.

Go-to keenfootwear.com and Lok under men's work boots/shoes. Find the model(s) you want then go to shoes.com and search for the Keen shoe model. Return to shoes com website and find the boot model you want and search for it.

Search online for shoe.com coupon code 30%. Copy the code and use it at shoes.com check out. It saved me over $200 after the discount. This includes the price from keens website using a 15% off coupon!

You won't regret getting Keen Boots and if you have a issue call them and they will replace touch boots or refundkl you

Before the war5 expires check your soles for excessive wear that doesn't look like abuse and they will warranty your boots with a NEW Pair! Its like buy one get one free deal...

I have the keen Milwaukee waterproof boots (HEAVY DUTY), the Tacoma Boots and Davenport insulated Boots.

I hope this will help people.