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    Puzzling Situation with an Ice Cream Freezer

    I am currently servicing a diner with a custom built-in ice cream chest freezer. Initially the compressor was burned out so I replaced it. There was an appropriate amount of refrigerant in the system so I didnt suspect a leak in the system. Vacuum seemed to be fine the first time and the needle stayed still for a long time. After half an hour of putting the refrigerant into the system and running it, the system started losing pressure. Ive used the soap leak detector, dye, and electronic leak detector but Ive had no luck in finding where the leak is. Whenever I try a nitrogen test on the system, the pressure stays still at 250psi, however whenever I try to run the system after charging refrigerant, the pressure goes down so I suspect a leak in the high side of the system. Additionally, I replaced the compressor because there was a slight leak from the service valve, but the system still has a leak. The custom built in ice cream freezer has a cooler portion in the back and the ice cream freezer in the front where it holds jugs of ice cream. The owner has called many other technicians to come service the machine but to no success. They all reported that there is a leak somewhere. Any advice is helpful.

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    What needle are you watching during vacuum test? Analog gauges are NOT accurate for evacuation.
    Leaks are found by diligent searching with a leak detector and/or bubble solution.
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    Dropping pressure is normal, the box temp should be cooling off after all. A PT chart will show why.
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    Could also be a restriction

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    I, too, second the idea that there's a restriction. Especially after a compressor burnout. It may have been the cause or the result.

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