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Thread: BACnet control

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    BACnet control

    Hey all
    This post may end up being removed because it's not really about HVAC exactly. I stumbled upon this forum when searching for answers and I figured I'd give it a shot. This is a BACnet question, not anything really to do with HVAC but I know some of you will have some BACnet experience so I'd love some suggestions.

    What I need is control software that's allows fully configurable triggers to be setup. Basically, when a change of value happens on the lighting system (It's a Lutron system and it supports change of value), I need to write to another bacnet device's object.

    I've seen some pieces of hardware which might do this all by itself, I've also seen software that runs on a server which is fine too. We've got the bacnet devices in place, we just need to be able to set parameters for one to control the other.

    What are some systems that will do this kind of thing with as few extraneous features as possible?

    Thanks for your help!

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    You should post this in the controls forum as you’ll probably get better results. Maybe a mod will move it.

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