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    Lincoln oven 1100 temp control board

    Has only else had problems with the temp control boards being bad out of the box? It seems like lately we've had a lot that just won't send power out to the contactor.

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    Did you call the factory for tech advise? You have the book on the piece of equipment your working on. Check out the sensors?

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    I agree with servicefitter.

    You gotta get more thorough with it before pointing an accusing finger at the board. Especially when you say it was "bad out of the box". That makes me suspicious of your troubleshooting technique.

    • Have you tested the potentiometer and the thermocouple?
    • Have you checked the wiring to the contactor?
    • Have you tested the contactor?
    • Other control components?

    The 1100 series has gone through MANY evolutionary changes through its years, so make sure you're referring to the correct technical info. Here's the service manual:

    If you're not sure about what you're finding, contact Lincoln at 260-459-8200. Have a serial number handy when you do.
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