Ecosystem Energy Services, a building mechanic company focusing on energy efficiency, is looking for creative Engineers/Technicians to join a team of HVAC Automation Specialists.

New-York City (Midtown Manhattan) position : 3+ years of experience
Downtown Boston position : 8+ years of experience

Our market is the institutional sector (Higher Ed, School boards, Hospitals), as well as large scale residential.

Our energy saving measures are as various as lighting, controls, CHPs, Steam to hot water conversions, heat pumping, geothermal, solar, etc.

- Competitive Salary that consider the city's cost of life
- Generous Health coverage, life insurance, long-term disability + 401K matching
- Flexible work hours
- Option to work remotely
- Travel & Food expenses
- Phone, computer, equipment

To apply reply to this post and/or send resume to

Job Post Details : Visit Ecosystem Energy website, see "Mechanical System Optimization Specialist" position

Good Luck!

Martin Tremblay, Eng.
Senior Mechanical System Optimization Specialist
Ecosystem Energy Services