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    Groen TBD20 - Some advice needed


    I bought this Groen TBD-20 at an online auction for a small commercial kitchen I am setting up. I got it really cheap so I knew I couldn't expect too much. It's pretty dirty but nothing a good clean won't fix. I managed to gather that it is a 1974 model, so it's had it's fair share of work. It does heat up, but I didn't push it further than to make sure it works.

    Doing a bit of research I can see that the newer models have a completely different water-check glass and pressure meter. I'm confused because the meter on this system does not show a vacuum, which I understand is necessary. How can this be? How does one fill this water???

    Also, are spares still available for this model, because I definitely need a new glass tubing as you can hardly see through this one.

    It might not be worth fixing, in which case I will junk it and keep the pedestal. Any advice would be most welcome

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    Unfortunately this site is geared toward industry professionals and not DIY. I would suggest emailing pics of the unit to Groen and see if they can help at all (manual or parts). Then I would email pics to your service company and have their most seasoned tech come take a look at it. You could possibly salvage the unit but likely it’s junk.

    That looks like a fun little project. Good luck.

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