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    Confused Looking for recommendations on a new furnace

    Hi everyone,

    I am a single female who just purchased an older home with a Lennox furnace that is currently 22 yrs. I have been provided quotes on a variety of furnace types with some saying Lennox is no longer a good brand. i have been provided a variety of prices but think that I am being told what I want to hear based on me being female. I have been quoted on the Lennox SLP98 with the icomfort wifi thermostat. This looks ideal but I have heard good and bad things about it. I have also been provided quotes on Carrier 60k BTU 2 stage and Trane's S9UZ.

    I am not technical savy in anyway and would love your thoughts on which would be best. The house in 2000 sq feet (on two floors). Ideally I am looking for a furnace that will keep everyone warm but also one that is efficient and might save me some $$.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Forget the name on the box and concentrate on the installing contractor.

    Every insulation is somewhat custom so proper pre- planing and excitation must be taken.

    Calculation must be done

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    If you have substandard duct work then ANY brand with an EC Motor will be a bad choice. The only way to know if you do is to have a heat loading calculation performed. This will gelp determine the size of the equipment and any duct changes, if any, that are needed.

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