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    Please need some advice between 2 units

    So I have been impressed with everyones good contributions and advice on here so I thought that I would seek advice here. I live in KC where its been hot as hell here. I need to replace my AC and am down to 2 options. I have a 13yr old 2 story home and unfinished basement with very long stretches of ductwork in some areas like my master closet above garage. House is 3000 sqft.

    I currentlly have the original 4ton Tempstar 4ton coil and unfortunately 3.5 ton blower motor. The SEER is maybe a 9 at best.

    Option 1
    American Standard
    Silver14 AC one stage 4ton
    5 ton coil
    Gold 80v
    5 ton variable blower
    2 stage heat
    Can get it to a 15 Seer
    5” media filter
    New return drop
    New return base
    Nexia thermostat
    10yrs parts and labor warranty

    Option 2
    Bosch Bova 60 up to 18 Seer
    Trane XT80 4 ton
    One stage heat
    5 ton multi speed ECM blower
    New return drop and base
    5” media
    Nexia thermostat
    10 parts 3yr labor
    1 yr 100% full buy back if Im not happy(its on the contract)

    Price difference is $800 between the two

    Thank you very much

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    Forgot to add both installers have A+ ratings and over 500 reviews avg 4.7/5

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    Bigger isnt better

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