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Thread: Daikin AGZ

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    Daikin AGZ

    So, I've done a hell of a lot of chiller startups but this will be the first with Partial Heat Recovery..

    The chiller will be used in conjunction with a Phase Change IceStor..

    Wondering if anybody has any words of wisdom as far as..

    Make sure you check this first...,recommended order of checkout..., I've noticed.. blah blah blah..

    It probably won't be as bad as I think.. it's just new to me.. The start up is a few weeks out yet. There is a very small portion about the partial heat recovery in the IOM, was hoping for a little more than what was there..

    Hopefully get out to the job site and get a glimpse of it tomorrow.


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    Just another chiller moving heat from one place to another..

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    Have you maintained the machine regularly?

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