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    Subject beat to death? York YCAS

    I guess this might be a little different.
    Every one knows about the loading and unloading issues with the DXS 24,45 compressors
    has Anyone had succes curing the loaded start issue by installing the bypass line?
    It seems to me that if the oil pressure is not relieved the slide stays loaded leading you to guess if it's a broken spring or a bypass issue.
    Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    I had a similar problem about 5 years ago, i had a bunch of new valves with me, tried a full bypass but still kept loading up, spring and piston were ok, so we split the compressor discharge casing, put a bead of Loctite gasket sealant around the face of the piston , closed it back up and it worked, turned out that discharge gas was creeping past the O ring and forcing the piston to load. Haven't heard back from them since.

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