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    Help with EPA universal test question, thanks.

    When should a low pressure system be leak checked according to ASHRAE
    guideline 3-1996?


    When the system rises from 1 mm Hg to a level above 2.5 mm Hg
    during vacuum testing

    I can't figure this out, doesn't the pressure lower if it goes from 1 mm hg to 2.5 mm hg? Why would you leak check a system where the pressure is dropping?

    Thanks for any insight into this.

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    the vacuum decay test. you arent running the vacuum pump during that. it's when you're blanked off and seeing if there is a rise in pressure.

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    Pressure is not dropping.
    The units "mm Hg" is referenced to absolute pressure, not atmospheric pressure (that would be "inches of Hg").
    So, the larger the measurement of mm Hg, the farther away from 0 psia (per square inch absolute), or the greater the pressure.

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