Nearest Electro Freeze distributor is over 2 hours away and they suggested I call someone else who is over an hour away. Today I had someone local take a look at my machine and it just still isn't running well. A few questions if I may:

1) When we take off the front lower cover, there is a switch that says something like "Service Mode" and has on or off. Next two it is a setting for the hopper temperature. I assume the "Service Mode" switch doesn't really have anything to do with the hopper temperature, and the "Service Mode" switch is for the maintenance guy to put into on when they do service?

2) Also in this area on both the left side and right side are two temperature adjustments. We thought these controlled the temperature of the mixing chamber. True?

3) When we take off the side panel, there is another temperature control (noticed it on left side, assume there is one on right side too)....what do these control?

4) Left side distributes okay. Right side distributes okay. Twist side, hardly comes out. I checked the parts and its a clear shot, nothing blocking it...what might I be missing?