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    New member with mini split question

    Im a 3rd year apprentice. I am learning and have a pretty good base knowledge of refrigeration, but I have A LOT to learn. Sorry for the long first post, guess I need to vent a little. Today while working with my journeyman, he had me hook gauges up to a mini split to check the charge. It was a Daiken unit, and had two service ports, in which it was even labeled on the unit as gas and liquid line. Other mini splits Ive worked on only had a port on the suction line.

    I hooked the gauges up with 5/16 adaptors, and the readings didnt seem right. My journeyman was very ticked off at the time (whole nother story) and took the gauges from me and decided to tell me how I should know this because we had just went over it (he was referring to a 30 second phone call we had about a month ago when he had taken the day off and I called him for help. Told me to tell the customer we needed to order a part and that he would look at it when he got back on Monday).

    So my question is, he said that mini splits have a type of reversing valve, so you can only check superheat and not sub cooling. All of my research says that you can only weigh the refridgerant in. Regardless of that, what is the reversing valve he speaks of? The only reversing valve I know of is for a heat pump, which I know many splits have, but why would that affect checking the charge in cooling mode? When cooling, why could I not check subcooling at the liquid line?

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    Sounds like he has just as much learning to do as you. Minisplits are different beasts and you can't gauge up on them like normal systems. Their fancy control boards constantly change the superheat and you can't assume that what you are reading on the gauge is correct. The only correct charging method is weigh-in!

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    It's not a reversing valve, it's a EEV.

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    Have to weigh the charge. Between the EEV and variable speed compressors and multi evaps with variable speed blowers to many things going on.

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