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    Quote Originally Posted by pctech View Post
    True but you dont want youre refer jugs blowing the seal while youre on the job or in your yard
    cost to much to just replace em.
    I keep all rfg drums in a (silver) weatherguard chest bin. Never had a problem. They're secured (don't roll).

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    Quote Originally Posted by vin lashon View Post
    Searching for something in a van (which, unless you're very organized, can get pretty cluttered) can be like sitting in a sauna in my climate. I've always preferred a truck and over the years have had a variety, including service bodies.

    My current truck is a 3/4 ton extended cab with Weatherguard's largest cab bin, side bins and a chest bin (this holds 3 drums of freon and my scale) bolted to 6x6 square steel tubing on the bed floor (to allow ladders and such to slide underneath). You can't believe how much it can hold with a proper, organized setup. And when I need something, I know exactly where it is, and I'm not sweating to death in a van.

    I don't do installs. Stricly service and condenser changeouts.

    I freakin' love Trump...err...trucks.
    hey man god bless, your setup works for you thats great. i drove a pickup as an installer for a lot of years. f250 4x4/full size bed/ ladder rack/ full length side boxes, got me where I needed to go with all my gear any season no problem. a few years back I started doing service work and moved into a ram pro master and holy shit man. the room! i could stand up in the back. sure in summer it was hot, but the room! anyway. i changed employers recently and they put me in a pickup. f150 2wd singlecab. thing is a motorized wheelbarrow, deathtrap in the winter here in the northeast. i got 1 box behind the cab in the bed for storage plus whatever I can fit behind the seats and on passenger side floor/seat. i make due it just sucks sometimes. if I had my way I would love to move back into a pro master/ sprinter or even an e250 van or utility body. i do a mix of installs and service

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