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    2 cents

    I spent time in wild caves as a member of a NSS Grotto and understand many of the problems of
    cave rescue.
    The lessons learned over and again is let cavers perform rescues in caves.
    This was learned in the attempted and failed rescue of Floyd Collins in the 20's. A great book BTW.
    on failure and why much of it is unnecessary.
    All the people that are trying to get the boys out are for the most part just in the way.
    Musk and his engineers might build great cars but chances are none have never been in a
    wild cave and will have no idea what to do in a very short time.
    Cave divers have always been in short supply. Just the gear alone is problematic.
    I see at least four terminal sumps and a very long route.
    The news said they have managed to get 4 out. I wish them luck but I
    wish all the unnecessary people would go home.
    I should have played the g'tar on the MTV. MK

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    It's a shame he cant get a boring machine there in time.

    I think he's there more to learn, than to do.

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    Well, .. The Boys are all out now, & Elon Musk & his "Submarine" never were part of the whole Ordeal.

    By the way, ... Musk is now gonna build a Plant in China, ... So much for all of the Subsidies that he got from Th' Bamer Regime, Eh?
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