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Yes, that is correct. However under, Magnuson-Moss, the manufacturer has the prove it was incorrect installation that caused the failure. That way they can't just say "oh you did the install yourself, not our problem that the condenser fan motor burnt out, even though it was a packaged system and there's really no way you could have caused that to fail".

I never said or implied (or advocate) that everyone could legally do their own install. The context of my comments is limited only to the warranty aspect of the system. Even if the system were illegally installed, the equipment warranty would still be intact.

Many lawyers operate pro bono, and the laws are written pretty stacked against manufacturers. Usually just mentioning magnuson-moss to someone higher up will get you what you want without even needing to get lawyers involved. The FTC takes magnuson-moss cases very seriously, and will not hesitate to stomp on companies.

Like I said, it is up to the manufacturer to prove the customer did something wrong. It's often so unreasonably difficult to prove that the customer did something to damage the system, that it's easier for the manufacturer to just give in and replace the $80 condenser fan motor that burnt out. Obviously you should not pursue a magnuson-moss case if you did a hack, improper install that actually damaged your system.
Most people, turn over their "Legal Work", to Attorneys that largely are in their Business to make large amounts of $$$$.

Most Attorneys, per my personal experience of having done quite a bit of work for many in my area, & having had need for an attorney over the years, will put on a show, of concern, on the behalf of their Client, as they "milk the client" for all the $$$ possible.

The situation got so bad, that I physically went to my County's Law Library, & began studying various parts of The Law, that applied to my, or another persons case, in order to Seek Justice &/or to correct a Wrong.

I have literally seen Attorneys, in Court, Rage at each other, only to after Court, get together at a local Restaurant/ Pub & have dinner & drinks & laugh about the case.

Since that Time, whenever Possible, I've Represented Myself in Court, not only to Save Thousands of Dollars, but also to obtain Justice.

I Fought for, & Completely gained Full Custody of My Children, in Court.

What I am saying here, & I have Personally seen this, .... Many, many times an Attorney will not Stand up against the Establishment, & Truly Fight for their Client, ... In most cases there is a Settlement prior to any hearings, & the problem is that many Clients still Believe in the Attorney, who doesn't have the Gonads to take the Fight to the End zone.