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    Ice-o-matic doesnt run on harvest but clean cycle works

    I have an ice-o-matic, ICEU220FA3 at our bar.
    Yesterday when we opened the store we notice the bin was empty and dry.
    It had stopped running probably the whole night, seeing as the bin was almost completely dry.

    Tried power off for 10 mins and power on but the harvest cycle wont start.
    Nothing seems to run on this cycle.

    When I press the wash cycle the water runs through the machine.
    The sump dump also works.

    I had originally thought there was no power but if the wash cycle and sump dump works there is power.

    Do i need a service rep or would I be able to fix this myself?

    I clean and sanitize the machine myself.
    Last cleaning and condenser dusting was in May.

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    Could be and # of things

    This is not a DIY site

    Call your service provider probably time for a through cleaning anyway.

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