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Thread: Attic days

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    When I lived on Long Island to schedule 40 held up but maybe Upstate I'm not sure what you guys would have to do you'd have to do it all in Copper and use heat tape? Copper is a terrible drain material. I think you can use heat tape on PVC though I'm sure you can with schedule 80 and then you can insulate it. I have no idea what it's like upstate New York, but Long Island most of the homes have hydronic Heating and the Central AC must go into the Attic. People used to run drain lines in ABS and that did not hold up it was then and crappy and we always changed it out to schedule 40 and it worked. But climates where you get to -20 it's a different ballgame but then I don't know how much of your equipment would be in the attic I have no idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HVAC_Marc View Post
    if the trap is dry, what's there to freeze?
    Yeah im tired lol

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