25 year old company looking for creative Engineers/Technicians to join a strong team of 12+ HVAC Automation Specialists.

New-York City (Midtown Manhattan) position : 3+ years of experience
Downtown Boston position : 8+ years of experience

Do you like cutting edge technologies, unusual sequence of operations and optimizing existing systems to maximize efficiency? If so, we want to meet you!

- Competitive Salary
- Generous Health coverage, life insurance, long-term disability + 401K matching
- Flexible work hours
- Option to work remotely
- Travel & Food expenses
- Phone, computer, equipment

Send resume to jyoti.krishan@ecosystem-energy.com

Job Post : Visit Ecosystem Energy website, see "Mechanical System Optimization Specialist" position

Good Luck!

Martin Tremblay, Eng.
Senior Mechanical System Optimization Specialist
Ecosystem Energy Services