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Thread: Carrier 19XR

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    I just had a tech run into similar issues on the same machine. The one thing that he/we overlooked was the thermistor being off on the discharge line. This caused the machine to run too high to fast and was short cycling on oil fault and low discharge superheat.

    The oil issue was most likely caused by the short cycling, but was it hard to catch the discharge superheat alarm as it had only logged that alarm 1 time over the last week. It just so happened to do it the night my tech got called in.

    This situation also had 70 degree condenser water which is one of the first thing we rectified.

    Unfortunately, we didnt have the software to interface with this machine. I am trying to locate this software.

    We lost a chance to continue to service this customer that night. I need to get my guys shored up on Carrier machines.

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    Carrier AquaEdge 19XR Chillers feature state-of-the-art two-stage compressors optimized with dynamic simulation technologies and intermediate economizer.

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