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    McDonald’s Henny Penny Burner Issues

    McDonald’s Henny Penny LOV 200 fryer. 6 Vat.

    For some reason the flame from the burners are not being fully drafted into the Vat burner tubes. (On 4 of the 6 vats). The flame is rolling out of burners but when unit is heating, part of the flame is protruding out of the front of the burner tubes, and overheating temp sensors and heating up front of fryer.

    Checked gas pressure (3.4 Inches wc)

    Airflow issue right? I cleaned out bottom of hood system (caked with grease) and then cleaned out as much of the flue’s as possible (hardened grease still caked in but pretty cleared out flue’s). Checked fans and cleaned out fan wheels. Removed front portion of flue and inspected rear exits for each of the burner tubes. Found some broken ceramic pieces but nothing that I feel would cause this issue.

    I turned unit on after cleaning and still same issue.

    Would a caked up flue cause this issue even if it is clearly not fully blocked? Are these Henny Penny units pretty sensitive to a partially restricted flue?Just wondering if anyone has seen something like this.

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    How new is the unit? Is it under the proper hood? They Henny Penny’s take a different good style than the Frymasters. I haven’t seen that mixup in a long time though, Franke has their stuff together these days.

    Yes, they are very sensitive to airflow. The draft inducer sounds pretty powerful but it’s deceiving.

    You found bits of the ceramic burner? That’s a big problem. Are they cracked? Whay exactly did you pull out?

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    whare are you from if the units are that poorly kept up i wont bother to eat at that MacDonalds

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