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    So you had a sealed system. You did the right thing to install a low side access valve, and you found the problem - suction pressure way too high.

    Yes, they run in a slight vacuum. But if the unit had a leak and was sucking in air, it would cease to suck in air once suction pressure got to 1psi Then it would leak back out. It didnt suck air up to 18 psi of positive pressure.

    Since it was a sealed system that used to work that now has high suction, we KNOW it is not overcharged, noncondensibles, restricted capillary tube, low on refrigerant, incorrect drier.

    You are correct suction pressure will start out around 5-7 and get down to 0 or slightly below when box at temp.

    The compressor is inefficient. I changed an LG residential unit compressor in the last year. I was shocked the compressor was less than $200.

    I disagree with putting oversized driers. The units hold 3-4 oz of refrigerant. A C052 drier holds more than that. Maybe i could see using a C032. But personally i went back with a bullet drier like original. After repair, weigh in nameplate charge, pinch off high side, bleed refrigerant from my hose back into low side, and braze lines closed. Has been working flawlessly for almost a year now. no reason to buy a new $4000 fridge.

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    Thank you for that responce... definitely the most inforamative so far! And has given me some really good things to consider. I'll provide an update once I find out for sure what the owner wants to do.

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    it doesn't matter if you pay 500 or 5000 for the LG .... they all have the same crappy refrigeration now

    You see , they finally got smart , because refriges used to last 40 years , so they had to wait friggin 40 years to make another sale !

    Now they are designed to last 5 years .... do the math

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