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Thread: Wagyu Beef

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    Wagyu Beef

    Going out tonight and looking at the line menu lists Wagyu beef choices. It's like Kobe beef.
    It might be an American version of Japanese Wagyu.

    After hearing about Kobe I haven't had a chance to try it before. It's said Kobe beef is fat with some beef added. Anyone tried this?
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    I’ve had quite a bit of American Wagyu. Wagyu is a Japanese breed of cow. Most American Wagyu is a Wagyu Angus cross. Kobe beef is Wagyu from the Kobe prefecture in Japan. I’ve never had real Kobe beef or A5 (highest grade) Wagyu, that’s the stuff that’s fat with some beef added. It’s different fat though, it melts at room temp. You can buy Japanese A5 Wagyu online from Crowd Cow, it’s outrageously expensive.

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    Don’t broil it in your oven in your house it might set the place on fire. I’ll stick with Prime or top choice.
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