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    Johnson Control Heat Pump

    Whats up guys,

    I having issues with few Johnson Controls water source heat pumps.
    The units are 2 tons and the gauges were all over the place, high head pressure, low superheat...etc. All issues pointing in some sort of blockage in the system. I decided to replace the TXV as well as the drier. The TXV on the unit is Sporlan BBIZE-2 and Emerson BFK-053S Drier. Come to find out Sporlan does not sell the BBIZE-2 TXV to anyone other than big distributors who are buying in big bulks. So I went out and bought a Parker TXV that was rated for a 2 ton unit and brazed it on. Vacuumed/Recharged the unit and this is where the issues began. When unit in heating everything is operating normal, When unit in cooling the sub cooling is normal but superheat is low between 25-30F. The evap coil is not freezing up nor is the coil dirty, the airflow over the coil is preferred CFM and I ran the fan speed in all 3 speeds to make sure. The TXV is adjustable so I played around with adjusting the spring but still the same issue. This got me to think maybe Johnson Controls specifically made the unit to work with Sporran TXV so I contacted Sporlan directly and they told me that a replacement TXV for BBIZE-2 is ERZE-2 TXV, so I went ahead and purchased one of those. Brazed the Sporran ERZE-2 TXV and still having the same issue. Anyone ran into any similar issues? I'm stuck and not being able to figure this out is aggravating. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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    Need the Model #, Serial #, pressures before the installation of the replacement TXV, & Afterwards, SH, SC, Air Temps, etc.

    Did You talk to Parker Tech, about this Sporlan Valve?
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