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    Issue with shredder core remover tool.

    Hey guys i was told this was an engineering defect in the design by a tech support for yellow jacket over the phone. I have two main issues with my shreddor core remover tool. Im sure the steps arent being done correct. Im assuming.
    1) how do i prevent air from entering the system when adding the shredder core After achieving our propermicron level vacuum.
    I close shredder tool by closeing valve by turning handle knob.
    I take off hose from core remover tool and slide shredder into tool and tighten back. Air is now trapped in tool with shredder. If i open valve to allow shredder to pass into service port through shredder core remover tool that air is passed along with the core itself.
    Maybe theres an extra step or correct steps to adjust my procedures.
    2) i attach micron guage to shredder remover tool. The wieght of gravity will move micron gauge and break vacuum seal. Micron level goes up to 1500. Ill have to tighten tool by hand twisting tigher or moving micron guage straight again.
    If you need any more details about my procedure etc. Let me know. Ill respond as quickly as i can.

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    Put your vacuum on the side port and run it for a few more minutes after opening the ball valve, before putting the core back in, if you are worried about that amount of air. In most cases it shouldn't be enough to matter, but a "perfect" job might call for a tee so that you can run both the vacuum and the micron gauge on the side port.

    If your seals aren't sealing well, try some vac pump oil or Nylog.

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    Assuming this is a new install, pull your vac to 500 through the end port of the CRT. Have your micron gauge on the side port. When you reach 500 microns, blank off the CRT and let some gas loose from the condenser to get above atmospheric (maybe 50 lbs). Then remove your vac hose and re-insert the Schrader core. Then remove your CRT. You will learn by experience when you have about 50 lbs.

    If this is a repair you hook up as above on the suction line and on the high side you have your other CRT with your high side gauge on the side port and vac hose on the end port. You red hose is now in a vacuum and you can now put some positive pressure into the system and insert your cores and remove your CRT's.

    See if that makes sense, have not had coffee yet.
    Can someone please explain to me -
    Why is there never enough time to do it right the first time, but plenty of time to do it twice?

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    If the system is bigger than a water fountain, that amount of air, non condensible, should not matter. That said, if course run the vacuum a bit more and you can do that with the shrader valve in or better, with the ball valve open and the core not yet installed.

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    I have 2 valve core removal tools.
    On the side port of the low side core removal tool I connect my YJ 69075 vacuum gauge which has a ball valve attached to it. (69067) is the part number for the ball valve.
    On the side port of the high side core removal tool I have my high side hose connected to my gauges.

    On the rear ports of both my core removal tools I’m connected to my vacuum hoses which go to my vacuum tree.

    When my vacuum is complete I close the ball valves on the core removers and also the ball valve on the vacuum gauge.i then add refrigerant through the high side hose till I get to around 20-30 psi.
    I then put the cores in the tools and with the core installer loosely tightened I crack the ball valve to allow the little bit of air in the tool to be purged.

    I know it’s overkill but that’s how I do it.

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    If I'm understanding your question correctly, you are removing the Schrader core on the access port to check your vacuum?

    There is no need to do this- you can insert a Schrader core depressor into the micron Gage to allow you to get a reading, allowing only a minimal amount of leakage when putting it on/taking it off.

    Other alternatives include getting a T fitting to attach your micron Gage to your hoses or using a special tool (this one ones in handy for faster/more efficient vacuums, I've been told) to remove the Schrader core from the access port without losing a seal.

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