I would think your tower could do better than 86. But 86 isn't your biggest problem. The 3.2 degree condenser approach needs to be addressed. Should be around 1 degree. The same goes for cooler approach. Im not a fan of using hot gas bypass for surge prevention especially when the chiller has a VFD. Is the chiller actually surging? Just because its in surge prevention doesn't mean its close to a surge. Often I see surge prevention setup too conservative. When its setup too conservative it will go into a high lift condition when theres not a problem. If this chiller isn't going into a surge I would adjust my surge prevention settings. Does it have P1/P2 & T1/T2 or T1-T4 & P1-P4 or tsmin and tsmax? I need a log of chiller when its not running in hot gas. Mainly the front screen

check into wide approaches, check into 86 degree tower water, take surge prevention setting out of hot gas and possibly adjust surge settings

hope this helps