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Thread: Iced-out Coil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Love View Post
    Upflow. Duct in the attic. Plenum connects to the top of the air handler.
    And obviously No Filter Rack, or one that was correctly used. SMH
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    all that is needed now is a industrious person with an ice pick!
    been on that one before too.
    remember, with electronics; when its brown,its cooking and when its black, its done!!!

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    Just change the coil and be done with it. I ran into one at a cat house. No not a brothel, a place that the only occupants are cats. Low wall return on the other side of the wall from the furnace with litter boxes near the return. I looked at it, tried to comb the fur, dirt, litter dust, yuck, oww, nasty, and i could see the fins were disintegrating. I told them they needed a new coil and they should get the return off the floor.

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