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    Mini split manufactures

    Is Haier or Midea the biggest supplier for mini splits in the US. Does anyone know if official numbers exist?

    Does anyone know if Bosch’s mini split is also made by Midea like their heat pump is?

    Which other brands of mini splits use Mitsubishi compressors?

    I am asking because I got quotes for traditional forced air systems and mini splits and out of several quotes only one company said they feel comfortable that the mini split will be able to manage the air flow in the house.
    I ended up getting an inverter ductless heat pump installed and ehile nice it doesn’t quote cool the place enough. Now having second thoughts about switching to ductless and not having to worry about any duct leaks or dust being sucked in ever again

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    A miss applied/installed ductless, like your incorrectly installed Bosch, won't satisfy your homes needs either.
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    I would say neither. LG, Fujitsu and Mitsu are probably some of the biggest selling here.

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