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    Is this actually a working Kelvinator commercial belt driven compressor? If so take good care of it because you are actually preserving HISTORY! Do you have alot of the old belt driven style compressors such as Copeland, Curtis, Baker, General Electric, Brunner, Frigidaire, Mills, Par, Tecumseh (Universal) or Lehigh in your part of the world It would be so cool to see some of those compressors still operating (plus I could get rid of some of my obsolete compressor parts inventory!).

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    Working & is the original Unit installed with the box. Only changed the belts once in 5years & no other issues for this same period. It seems happy , that’s why I’m reluctant to upset it too much.

    We do have a few Open Drives here but the further West you go (out in the Bush) there are considerably more.

    I’m in Australia , cost of Freight would be a killer from the US.
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