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    Liebert Configuration Disappeared

    I am working on a Liebert Comp Rm AC unit today. I installed it on our BACnet BMS Control System last week and has been working perfectly. I got notified by the network people that the IP address was causing a conflict and asked me to change it. No problem, I changed it using the Web Interface. After any changes you have to restart the board. In most cases I will turn the unit off manually and cycle the power. Today, I followed the message on the web browser that says to go to the Support Tab and press the reset button.
    From that point, it seems the unit got scrambled. The Display says "Requesting Configuration Data" I waited a long time. I reset the Unity Board to factory default and reconnected directly with the laptop. I can read temperature and humidity but all Configuration and set point data is not there. The screen is still blank waiting for Configuration. Any ideas?

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    Try taking it off the network and plugging the icom directly to the main board and see if it powers up

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