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Hold on now, hurtin, there is little about Sanders that I would claim as mine. He's a career politician, naive on many topics, and worst of all...he caved in to Clinton at the moment when he should have been most disruptive and most defiant.

Sorry, I can't share your assessment of the current situation as 'great fun'. Watching my country increasingly adopt the false narrative of a winner-takes-all war between capitalism and socialism, is anything but fun. As you and I well know, any viable societal structure must incorporate principles of both ideologies.
I quite intentionally replied to myself only. I don't believe I've ever asked you to pin yourself down; perhaps a bit nervous at losing yet another of a rapidly dwindling number of folks "over there." If I have and I've forgotten; please be assured it's likely my age and hydration levels at the moment.

If it's a question of what would be more fun then...or less painful; somewhere within those safe confines, I prefer we get it over with if it is truly going to come; and I prefer to be on the most "winning" side. I'm way too over extended to correct that atrocity of a sentence...deal with it.

I would imagine you'd have to tell us exactly what your deal is...what you want? I'm with you on social matters on a strict constitutional basis. That leaves us with fiscal...

I'll apologize in advance...it's going to be a mess here over the next few days. Just ask your buddy with the awesome mustache.