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    Fireplace Problems

    The other night I was sitting in the living room and it sounded like something was coming down my chimney. I have a chimney cover that is screened and covered. Whatever is was it sounded big. I was thinking an opossum or a squirrel. My dog was going crazy. I can also hear some sort of bees up in the chimney as well. It's been a wild ride thus far as I have just moved into the house recently. I am looking for a chimney sweeper to buy and want to DIY. Anyone know a good brand of chimney sweeper?

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    First of all, this forum doesn't help with DIY in any form. You should have seen the big red warning when signing up to post. Second, if you actually intend to use the chimney, it really should be left up to a professional to sweep it properly, so that they can also inspect it for other issues such as cracks.

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    Judging from the "Sounds", the dog's reaction, & your mentioning "Bees", ... If You paid for a Home Inspection, they Failed to do their Job, & as far as Hiring a Pro, to ck this out & fix it, ..... That needed to be done yesterday.
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